Welcome to the page devoted to my watercolour art. 

The first gallery shows images I created for art cards.  Despite the convenience of texting and e-mail, I still enjoy the handwritten note, so for years now I have been offering art cards. Slow down and embrace the pace of snail-mail!

The second gallery displays a few pieces from a personal art series based on nature and the imagination. You can find the whole series here.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing an original.

You can click on any image in the galleries to view it individually.



The three paintings pictured above are a few of my favourites from the tentatively titled :’Worlds Made Visible' series. The series was painted freeflowing from the imagination, from the centre outwards. They often feature birds, fish, and pictures within pictures.  

I sometimes had a vision or idea in mind before starting to paint, but I would be open to where the paintbrush brush went. This kind of musing on uncertainty kept me guessing “what is it?”, always curious about how each piece would turn out.  Not every painting was coherent, some made a trip to the recycling bin. 

I took my inspiration from time spent in appreciation of nature, and aimed for a spirit of playfulness, calm, rejuvenation, power. I hope that people can feel a sort of biological harmony in the pieces. And that they refresh how you see your relationship with space or nature. 

The originals of Crescent Moon in Gold, Sky Fishing, and Wind Over Waters are all sold but it is possible for me to make prints if interested. 

watercolours by sandra taylor

sometimes I take Commissions

I do sometimes take on commissions! Pricing varies, it depends on the size of the piece and the work involved.